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10 Christmas Gift Ideas for Christmas

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Each year, as the holidays approach, the same question teases us: what Christmas gift do you give to your loved ones? You have already bought a watch, books, perfume or clothes in previous years. Over the years, choices are starting to be limited, and that’s where the concern arises. Fortunately, at Marie Claire Idées, we are never short of solutions! To spoil the men around you, we have selected ten gift ideas to make yourself.

DIY Christmas gifts

Constantly solicited by our consumer society, which drives us to all excesses, we tend to forget that Christmas is above all the season of sharing, solidarity, and love. And what is more beautiful proof of love than making oneself the Christmas presents of one’s loved ones? By choosing hand-made rather than impersonal, commercially-purchased gifts, you are showing your family and friends that they really matter to you. You give back value to a tradition that has become a bit too commercial. But here it is not always easy to find inspiration, especially when it comes to spoiling his half, his brother or his father. To help you, we have selected ten gift ideas for self-made men.

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