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11 strange things happen when you consume sugar

How much sugar do you consume every day? Do you think twice before taking in the amount of sugar that you do? You should, because doctors now say that sugar may be extremely harmful for your body. Too much sugar may affect your body in strange way

1. It fattens your organs: Due to the fructose content in sugars, liver gets the message that it has to store those fats in the weirdest places. Over the time such high intake of sugar could make bulks of fats deposit around your liver, cause fatty liver diseases.

2. Sugar equals to diabetes: It was found out that for every 150 calories of sugar you consume, your diabetes prevalence rises by 1.1%.

3. Sugar isn’t good for the heart: Many of the heart diseases can be curbed by lessening our intake of sugar. Type 2 diabetes causes 65% deaths around the world, whose main cause is sugar intake.

4. Sugar causes tension in veins: It increases the insulin disrupting the blood circulation.

5. Sugar disrupts cholesterol level: Those who consume more sugar are prone to having bad cholesterols.

6. Sugar causes type 3 diabetes: Sugar has been linked with Alzheimer’s disease in which the brain’s ability to produce glucose and energy are damaged.

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