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How to Handle a Hyperactive Child without Losing Your Mind

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Want to know how to handle a hyperactive child? I’ve got you covered with three big strategies and over 20 simple activities that can change everything for hyperactive kids. Improve focus, attention, learning, and communication! 

Sometimes my house can feel a little crazy.  On any given day, I can be washing dishes at the sink (I spend a lot of time there) while I watch what seems like pure chaos unfolding around me. I try to focus on the sound of the rushing water that’s coming out of the spout and not the loud screams and shrills of laughing and playing coming from my boys.

I see my son Isaac running through the living room, down the hallway, and back again, making a loop a few times before heading to the couch and jumping on it, kicking all the throw pillows onto the floor (and on top of the toys that are scattered across the carpet).  He’s yelling or singing in a big loud voice, I can’t tell which as I turn to scrub crusty food off of another plate.

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