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8 Things Men Do Only When They’re In Love

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“Does he love me?” It’s an issue that has been asked since the start of your time. Men are hard to read, but if you recognize what you’re trying to find, you’ll catch the small details that show you the solution. Here are 10 things men do only they’re crazy.

1. He talks to you all the time
He wants to understand how your day has gone, and he wants to inform you about his. You study his family, his friends, his childhood, his dreams, his goals… you name it, he’s told you about it.

But it’s not all one way; he also listens to you once you talk. How does one know he listens? Because he remembers names and dates and other people and things that are important to you. He doesn’t dismiss your opinions or your pipe dreams. Some couples talk constantly but never really say anything. Communication is vital.

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