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How do you survive a heart attack while you are alone?

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Advice from a leading physician Read it if you don’t know it and re-read it if you know it!  Give your time two minutes and read this:

1- Let’s say it’s 7:35 pm and you’re going home (of course alone) after a hard day at work

 2- You are very tired, upset, and frustrated.

 3- Suddenly, you get severe pain in your chest that extends to your arm and jaw.  And you are just 5 km from the hospital near your home.

 4- Unfortunately, you do not know if you can reach the hospital.

 5- You have trained in resuscitation over others, but you have not been trained in resuscitating yourself.

 6- How do you survive a heart attack while you are alone?

 Since many are alone when they have a heart attack, the person who beats his heart irregularly and begins to feel dizzy has only 10 seconds before losing consciousness.

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