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10 Unusual Ways To Prep Your Body For Summer

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Let’s face it, summer is coming and, just like in winter, we need to do something about it! As we start unfolding from our warm shirts and stylish scarfs, more and more of our body is revealed to the public. Until that day finally comes and we jump into our favorite bikini just to find out that it’s a tad bit small and, oh boy, someone should’ve hit a gym like a decade ago. To avoid the shock of revealing your body during the sweet and sizzling summer days, we’ve gathered a few quite unconventional (and pleasant!) ways to prep your body for the upcoming warm season. Here are 10 unusual ways to prep your body for summer.

Start dancing
And we mean really go for it! Choose a dancing style of your liking and stick to it for more than just a month. Enjoy dancing at least twice a week and your body will become summer-ready in a blink of an eye! You will also feel and look better than you’ve ever had before as your metabolism will improve and stress levels will drop. If you want to shed more than just a few pounds – try ballet or contemporary. One dancing session will help you burn around 600 calories or more.

Go shopping
As crazy as it may sound, shopping can actually help you shed pounds. It is a pretty exhausting matter, isn’t it? When you’re totally into it, you can spend up to three hours shopping, depending on what you’re looking for. Even a regular grocery shopping with a stroll will turn into a real workout that can help you burn 500 calories or more. It’s like a one-hour session on a stationary bike!

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