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The crisis of a quarter !! The hidden killer of young people

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      “People were thinking that they must do something when they arrived for the forty-fifths, and they are thinking of the same way as the twenty-five years.”

      We can check the validity of this phrase when we see the size of the most pressing people in this great age in the very different age of the era of grandparents. The first awareness of the witness has become a witness and its wrestling, and also wars and wars were generally spreading and confronting the future, the result was that the young man struggled continuously, and at the same time feels not safety, and that time is passing and did not.

    The British writer describes the Daman Bar at his book “the guide of the life of the quarter of the year’s age” The size of the crisis is like: “Many people will say that the crisis does not exist, but the fact that the age of the twenties today is not as soon as we were in our time, she would be in the twenties now something scary, because you will fight millions of graduates to get your first job, struggling to buy your home, and at the same time you should find enough time for your personal packages.”

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