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Study confirms the preference of cats over dogs

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     The ancient fossils of felines revealed that they were historically much better at surviving than the canine family (European)

      Finally, the controversy that long divided animal lovers seem to have ended after scientists confirmed that cats are better than dogs, at least from an evolutionary point of view. A groundbreaking study of two thousand ancient fossils revealed that felines (from the cat family) were historically much better at staying on  Surviving the canine family.

     The researchers found that the cats played an important role in the forty-forty of young dogs to excel in the competition of the scarce food supply because the cats were printed from the most skilled savings of dogs, and in return, the researchers did not find any evidence that dogs were a reason for a courtyard of one of the cats. The classroom – the two-follicle, which includes the worst of the current petist – and originated in North America forty-forty years ago, and reached the far denied after about 20 million years ago when there were more than thirty-leaders on the continent.

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